Be Nurtured Energy Balancer

£195 (90 mins)

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Rebalance the body, hydrate the skin and calm the mind with this relaxing ritual.

This gentle and indulgent massage uses long, warming strokes, a nourishing body oil and expertly selected crystals to effectively restore serenity.

INCLUDES: Breath Work and Visualisation, Marma Point Body Massage

Body & Mind Restore

£250 (120 mins)

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Restore mind and body back to perfect balance with this enriching experience.

Instantly effective and with lasting benefits, this personalised restorative treatment harnesses ancient holistic wisdom, Marma point massage and the finest aromatherapetutic oils and extracts to refine and rejuvenate skin, while melting away tension.

INCLUDES: Foot Ritual, Body Exfoliation, Algae or Mud Wrap, Scalp Massage, Dosha Specific Massage

Release & Restore Bamboo Ritual

£250 (120 mins)

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Transform a tense body and mind with this unique, intensely soothing experience.

Let warmed bamboo and targeted flowing massage relax muscles and loosen joints, while a personally selected aromatherapy blend releases anxiety. You emerge calm in spirit, with renewed energy and focus.

INCLUDES: Foot Ritual, Facial Cleanse, Full Body Exfoliation, Full Body Massage using Warm Bamboo, Scalp Massage

To book, please call +44 (0) 20 7321 3050 or email