Hip & Thigh Toner

£150 (60 mins)

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Transform the appearance of your hips, thighs and legs with this revitalising, results-focused treatment.

Working swiftly and effectively, powerfully detoxifying actives combine with targeted massage to help diminish cellulite and fluid retention, dispel toxins and boost circulation, leaving skin smooth and beautifully toned.

INCLUDES: Skin Brushing Hip, Thigh and Abdominal Areas, Detoxifying Salt & Oil Scrub, Advanced Detoxifying Massage Techniques to Hip and Thigh Area, Specialised Colonic Massage (if required)

Active Abdominal Detox

£150 (60 mins)

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Cleanse your body and restore an active, healthy system with this highly effective abdominal treatment.

Specialised massage and potent, naturally detoxifying formulas stimulate both your senses and a sluggish system, purifying the colon, reducing bloating and enhancing abdominal tone. Energy is restored, and you’ll feel ready for a new start.

INCLUDES: Abdominal Exfoliation, Detox Stomach Pack Using Swedish Bitters, Colon Massage, Pressure Point Ear Massage, Foot Reflex Zone Massage

Detoxifying Body Cleanse

£250 (120 mins)

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Awaken vitality as you purify and re-energise your body with this powerfully effective treatment.

This innovative combination of detoxifying actives and advanced massage naturally helps promote gut health by stimulating circulation, boosting digestion and reducing fluid retention. You’ll instantly see and feel the results – it’s the ultimate kick-start to your detox programme.

INCLUDES: Detoxifying Foot Ritual, Full Body Algae Wrap, Herbal Poultice Massage, Deep Colon Massage with G5 Massager, Scalp Massage

To book, please call +44 (0) 20 7321 3050 or email espalife.london@corinthia.com.