Inner Strength Resilience Massage

£195 (90 mins)

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Using the journey of the painted lady butterfly as inspiration, this treatment strengthens resilience, releases muscular tension and brings a renewed sense of wellbeing and clarity to the mind.

Pure aromatherapeutic formulas, yogic stretches and deep muscle massage transform mind and body, helping to support your immune system, boost energy levels and emerge ready to face life’s unexpected journeys.

INCLUDES: Yogic Stretching, Reflex Zone Foot Massage, Back Massage, Sinus Release, Scalp Massage

Resilience Body Cocoon

£150 (60 mins)

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Strengthen your natural defences, re-energise your spirit and help revive a feeling of wellbeing with this specialised body wrap.

Blending proven resilience-boosting essential oils with purifying Marine Algae, this stimulating treatment helps eliminate toxins from the body and restore a sense of inner resilience.

INCLUDES: Skin Brush, Body Exfoliation, Algae Wrap, Scalp Massage

To book, please call +44 (0) 20 7321 3050 or email